Equity in Architecture is a professional organization dedicated to promoting gender equity in the Georgia A/E/C industry. We aim to foster camaraderie, grow knowledge, and stimulate professional growth.

Though there's a focus on women, we're not exclusively for women; though there's a focus on architecture, we're not exclusively for architects. We seek to involve anyone committed to gender equity, including transgender, non-binary, and cisgender men and women. We believe that equity is for everyone; our favorite phrase is, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

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September 2017 Question

Which of the following is most important to you, in your work?

August 2017 Question

Do you have a side hustle?

July 2017 Question

May 2017 Question

Have you ever considered leaving the architecture / design profession?

April 2017 Question

What is your favorite time to GET STUFF DONE?

March 2017 Question

What kind of CEU sessions do you prefer?

February 2017 Question

How much income do you earn / receive annually (pre-tax)? (Choices are in US Dollars)