Current Initiatives:


1) For Professionals

Professional development panel discussions, presentations, and lectures are some of the most fundamental activities of our group. We want to help you build more career capital, and so we plan the events that build skills in marketing, project management, photography, graphic design, presentation, and more. 

2) For Students

We know it's hard to get good feedback sometimes. So we're planning a graphic design workshop for portfolios!


1) Quick-Licensure Award

We care a lot about getting folks licensed ASAP, so we to reward them for achieving licensure quickly. We're thinking of awarding a signed architectural monograph of the architect of your choice if you pass all of your tests in a year, or something like that...

2) Newly Licensed Architect / New Fellows Celebration

Speaking of caring about getting people licensed quickly, why not hold a reception for newly licensed architects and new Fellows at the annual AIA GA Design Awards? We're on it.

3) Scholarships for Study Materials

When you're just starting out (or picking things back up), it can be expensive to purchase all the study guides out there. We're raising money to fund study material packages for deserving applicants.

Scholarship applications are now open.  Fill out the quick and easy form to apply.  Applicants will be notified by July 31, 2017.


1) Kick-off Event

We're organizing one for both Atlanta and Savannah! We're also looking into how to encourage smaller get-togethers in other regions of the state, including Augusta, Macon, and northeast Georgia.


1) School Visits

We visit schools' professional development programs in order to encourage NCARB enrollment, outline paths for licensure, and describe AIA programs. Targeted schools at this time include GA Tech, SCAD, and Kennesaw State University.

2) Data Gathering

We're also benchmarking existing school programs related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.