Current Initiatives:

Equity Toolkit

We at Research care about the capital S System. We want to help effect real change in firm culture and practice. The way we're planning to do this in 2017 is by creating an Equity Toolkit. This publication will contain information for both firms and individuals, and will share tips, tricks, and best practices for approaching gender equity through six areas of focus:

  1. Speaking Legally
  2. Getting Diversity in the Door (AKA Recruitment)
  3. Mentorship and Licensure
  4. Staff Development and Leadership
  5. Salary and Benefits
  6. Communication and Unconscious Bias

State of the State

With the Equity Toolkit production happening in the foreground, in the background we're also focused on gathering benchmarking data on the current state of gender equity in Georgia architecture firms. We're focused on workforce composition, compensation, and representation in leadership.